Are you aware of what type of tech job best suits you? The job application process can be daunting for anybody. It’s a good idea to have a plan of what type of job you want. Not only will this make it easier for the recruiter, but it gives you a clear state of mind on your own future. Keeping up with current qualifications is also quite important, given the fluctuation of the industry.  Within tech, there are many areas – SaaS, fintech, argitech and medtech are just a few examples. And with each area comes a different type of job. This blog will hopefully guide you through recently popular and prominent types of jobs within tech – abroad, apprenticeships and internships.

But before we jump in, what are good practices to do before applying to the tech job that is most suitable to you?

IT Courses

If you’re not fully up to date on your tech knowledge, why not consider upskilling? By taking this initiative, this shows recruiters that you are dedicated to improving or gaining soft tech skills. It also gives you an opportunity to diversify your strengths. This is quite important, given the recruiter favoured nature of the job market at present. Upskilling may also help you decide what type of tech job best suits you as a candidate. There are many resources online that you can take advantage of during your education journey. Our partner Dublin Coding School offer a huge variety of courses. These range from Data Analytics, UX/UI Design and Cyber Security Fundamentals. With each course taught by industry professionals, you’re guaranteed the latest information and a realistic learning experience. Other useful tools are Future in Tech, Springboard and eCollege. These government initiatives provide partially funded or free courses in a wide section of tech areas, from computer science to programming.

Sending Job Applications

Making an excellent first impression is important. This is why you should to tailor your CV and Cover Letter for each application. While it may seem tedious, it displays to the recruiter that you are passionate about the role presented to you. It also clarifies to you what exactly is needed from you in order to succeed in the job. Add in your skills that are relevant to the role. Have a brief overview of applicable previous work. Put in any recent tech qualifications. Whether this is your first job in the tech industry or not, it is important to keep these points in mind.

When sending the application, try to sound formal yet well-mannered and polite. You would like to tell the recruiter that you’re capable of performing well in this job, but also a suitable candidate to the company. It could be as simple as adding “I hope you are keeping well” or “Have a lovely day” to your Cover Letter. By showing friendliness from the offset, this will allow you stand out as a candidate, adding to your professional attributes.

So now you have an idea of sending the successful job application, but where in tech do you want to end up? These suggestions hopefully will spark inspiration for you.

Finding Jobs Abroad

There are many oversea opportunities applicable to you as a candidate. The tech industry is very diversified, understandably with the tech boom of the last decade. The United States, South Korea and Germany are mega contenders in technology advancement, with a lot of other countries following suit. Right now, tech is probably most of the best areas to travel with, due to its impact universally. From Silicon Valley to Pangyo Techno Valley, the world is a tech expert’s oyster. If you’re looking at relocating to Ireland, there is also many tech opportunites within this market. Salesforce, Zendesk and Xtremepush are just some of the multiple firms situated on Irish soil. Wherever you’re going, it’s a good idea to research the country. Is my education, qualifications and experience recognised there? Can I speak the language, or at least try to learn it? Is there special requirements for working there? These are important topics to think about before making your big move.

The internet is a very powerful tool – utilize it to your advantage. Research the tech market in your desired country, find out details such as the standard salary, basic requirements and education. Reach out to expats from your home country and ask about their experience. East Expat, Go Overseas and Idealist are some of the job forums and websites with a speciality placed on international work.


Internships are a really effective way to kick start your tech career. It also showcases to recruiters that you are willing to apply the soft skills you’ve attained, to real life situations. Mentorship and guidance are prominent aspects of the experience, guiding you from a newbie to a well-rounded individual in the business. Secondly you can build your network of tech professionals. There could also be the outcome of permanent employment if your time as an intern was an overall positive experience, both for you and your employer. Finally, you can see first-hand if this particular area of tech suits you professionally, without committing to a full-time permanent job. Covid Interns is a service set up specially to aid those who lost out on internship opportunities during the pandemic. They offer places in over 25 industries, including technological and digital. Gradireland is also another handy service. The website features internship postings from huge multinationals, including Amazon. Keep an eye on Ingenio Global too, we might just have the perfect internship listing for you.

IT Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are another option to obtain or build on your hard skills while earning an income. Often underrepresented in options presented to the masses as a career move, support has grown recently for apprenticeships. To add to this point, the apprentice experience is being viewed favourable in the dramatically changed job market, due to its combined study and work experience. The Irish Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris is quoted saying “We want apprenticeships to be seen as a real way of getting a career you may wish for”. The requirements for obtaining an apprenticeship in Ireland are also universal:

  • You are at least 16 years of age
  • You have received a minimum if grade D in 5 subjects in the Junior Certificate or equivalent exam


  • You can complete an approved preparatory training course followed by an assessment interview.
  • You are over 18 years of age and have at least 3 years of relevant work experience, in which case you will also be asked to do an assessment interview.

(Source – Citizens Information)

It is a different route to internships. However, this hands-on, physical approach can really suit those whose strength lie with practical employment. Generation Apprenticeship allows candidates to search for opportunities across a number of tech paths. These areas include Cybersecurity, Software Development and Telecommunications.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this blog will help you in sending your job applications to your desired job in the tech industry. By figuring what type of tech job suits you, you’ll fly the application process. Remember it’s a good idea to diversify your skills and expand your education. Know what type of job you want to apply for. Before sending off your job application, maintain relevant material on your CV and Cover Letter. There is different approaches depending on the job you’re applying for – be it abroad, an internship or an apprenticeship. The key to figuring out what type of tech job best suits you is preparation. If you keep these suggestions in mind, there’s no doubt that you’re on your way to securing the perfect tech job, which just suits you.

Written by Emma Sheridan

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