Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO Recruiting)

RPO is a form of business process outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider. An RPO provider can provide its own resources or may assume the company’s people, technology, methodologies and reporting.

An RPO-based approach differs considerably when compared to staffing company and contingent/retained search agency services in that it assumes ownership of the overall design and management of the recruitment process and the responsibility of results. An RPO means more than simply filling open jobs; it’s about improving an organisation’s recruitment process as well as being accountable to committed outcomes.

Ingenio RPO is a people, process and technology solution with an element of consultative work underpinning the service. The Ingenio RPO solution was originally conceived by the founders as a result of being the client and recipient of various outsourced recruitment services. The Ingenio solution has therefore been evolved and developed over a number of years and crucial to the success of any RPO agreement is a collaborative working partnership between Ingenio and the client.

Ingenio RPO

Ingenio RPO consists of:

Fixed monthly cost to deliver all activities outlined in the scope of works under a mutually agreed service level agreement.

Success-based contingency fees for every hire made with fees being significantly lower than a standard contingency recruitment rate of 15-20% of basic salary.

Dedicated space on Indeed, LinkedIn and any relevant job boards to advertise roles both domestically and internationally.


KPI-based reporting and results to be delivered at regular intervals throughout the course of the engagement. 

Recruitment process

The process itself is typically delivered in the following sequence:


Onsite Resource

Ingenio Service Delivery Manager on client site (frequency to be agreed)


Creation of job descriptions

Job descriptions/adverts within 48 hours of hiring manager meetings


Test applicability relevance interview

Ingenio will give candidates a client- provided test in advance of the first interview. We are reliant on the candidate completing the test, and will work to a 48 hour target SLA.


Initiate and oversee candidate on-boarding process

Include training, creating company policies and processing employment documents.


Scoping of new roles to include hiring manager interviews

Ingenio to interview Hiring Manager. Ingenio to complete a job description based on input from interview to include responsibilities, required experience & skills, remuneration, location, timescales & interview process


Initial candidates
shortlist for interview

Within 72 hours of Job Description creation – a minimum of three candidate profiles & CV’s will be sent. Ingenio will already have screened the candidate by video or face to face.



Within 48 hours of Acceptance of Job Offer / To be agreed based on induction frequency


RPO SLA reporting

Reporting on SLA/Metrics/Activity (frequency to be agreed)

How can Ingenio RPO help your company?

The principle benefits of the Ingenio RPO programme include a low-cost hiring model with fees flattened and fixed over a defined period of time. The time to hire is reduced with committed deliverables for both client and candidate throughout the process. With dedicated resources managing the programme, the candidate recruitment experience is enhanced – thereby preserving the brand and reputation of the hiring company. The Ingenio Baby RPO has been proven to deliver positive outcomes when attracting, hiring and retaining talent. 


What Ingenio is most proud of is the relationship with its clients. Not because customer relationships are the heart of every business, but because Ingenio believes in the power of fundamentals: respecting, inspiring and empowering each other to achieve success in today’s market.

We are based in NYC and were looking to open a small development office in the UK. We were looking for a group with expertise in developer recruitment who we were confident could source the best talent as well as provide guidance across the entire process of setting up a remote office. Ingenio were very attentive to what we cared about as a company, not just for this role, but for culture, mission etc. I think that made the recruitment process more productive and efficient. In today’s environment, top developer talent is in high demand. Ingenio was able to provide a UK & Ireland wide perspective on where to source the right talent and specific geographic regions that would be the best fit. I would definitely recommend Ingenio’s service. 

Conor O’Donoghue
Aicure CEO