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SaaS Sales Recruiters – From the beginning of the sales funnel at MQL stage, right through Sales Development & Acquisition to ARR and on to renewals & happy clients in Customer Success, we get it. We get compensation, targets & quota, KPIs, conversion rates and accelerators.

Role Creation

Financials (Targets & Salary)

The Hire Process

Offer, Resignation & On Boarding

How we can help you

We are SaaS Sales Recruiters and by understanding the role, your company, and your culture we can ensure Successful permanent recruitment. We can start by working closely on this together, we are happy to hear from you what your needs are.


What Ingenio is most proud of is its relationship with its clients. Not because customer relationships are the heart of every business, but because Ingenio believes in the power of fundamentals: respecting, inspiring and empowering each other to achieve success in today’s market.

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The team at Ingenio went a step further than most agencies. They not only understand our needs in terms of the role we were looking to fill, but took time to understand our culture and our current stage of growth. 

This translated into an experience that was both precise and quick and a candidates that instantly fit within our company.  It’s refreshing to work with such effective people.

Catherine Lonergan
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Toovio

Ingenio actually placed me here at Foehn, so I’ve seen both sides of their business as a candidate and now as a client. Both experiences were great!

I was guided through the whole process and they were always on hand when I needed. They were really honest and prepared me better than I’ve ever been.

Ingenio are different because they have worked with me to build a close business relationship to ensure they only deliver the best people – easier said than done in my experience. The specific benefit I get from working with Ingenio is the relationship. Foehn has worked with Ingenio for a long time now and they have taken the time to understand our business in lots of detail. There is not a thing I would like them to do differently!

Sophie Hayes
Sales Academy Manager