Permanent Recruitment

Ingenio has been hiring talent for its clients from its European base since its inception in 2014. Recruiting professionals on a permanent basis for technology companies is one of Ingenio’s principle services with a track record of placing talent in Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific.

Recruiting a permanent hire – particularly a senior role – is expensive, represents a major commitment and is laden with risk for the hiring company.

How can Ingenio help?

Ingenio’s approach to hiring experienced professionals across all disciplines is to simply put itself in the position of its client. In understanding the culture of the business and its unique challenges, Ingenio adopts an empathetic and honest approach to the recruitment process with the objective of de-risking the hiring of experienced people in positions of influence.


What Ingenio is most proud of is the relationship with its clients. Not because customer relationships are the heart of every business, but because Ingenio believes in the power of fundamentals: respecting, inspiring and empowering each other to achieve success in today’s market.

Ingenio was referred to us by a business colleague and we engaged with them as we were rapidly expanding our Dublin HQ. Their managed service allowed us to consistently forecast costs and have better predictability. Rob and the team are very friendly and knowledgeable and I’ve enjoyed working with them.

Sheena Bailay
Co-founder & CEO