Leadership & Management Recruitment

We are leading senior management recruiters in Ireland and in the UK. Leadership titles in SaaS businesses sometimes begin with the letter C. But not always. In our Leadership practice, we are typically instructed by Founders, Owners, Investors & VC to help find people who will grow, inspire and lead.

How we can help you

We work with, and have hired, leaders across all of the key disciplines within a SaaS business. CEO, COO, CTO, CMO, CRO, CTO – we’ve done them all. We’ve even been instructed to find a Co-Founder!


What Ingenio is most proud of is the relationship with its clients. Not because customer relationships are the heart of every business, but because Ingenio believes in the power of fundamentals: respecting, inspiring and empowering each other to achieve success in today’s market.

The people in Ingenio are customer focused, they care about helping the business not necessarily just putting any one forward. When I first met Rob and James in an Ingenio capacity they wanted to help, rather than just tick a box. They are willing to help and engage in a professional manner, while having the knowledge of the contact centre market, so they know exactly what works and what doesn’t. I am working with personalities, that show emotion not just people. They want to help, and achieve success for their clients.