This is Ingenio Learning

Ingenio was founded in 2015 and has been helping people get hired by Tech companies all over the world. Our mission is, and always has been, to be the best recruiter in the world specifically servicing the Tech industry.

There has been a huge labour market shift due to Covid19 – as a direct result of lay-offs (temporary & permanent) that have so far happened, the job market has dramatically shifted from a candidate market to an employer market. There are hundreds and thousands of candidates seeking jobs now. People from the hardest hit industries (travel, retail hospitality) are looking to move industries to better insulate the impact. Clearly, there are fewer companies hiring and growing. For the most, Technology companies buck that trend and continue to hire and grow.

But, candidates now must stand out more than ever. You have to know exactly what you are looking across a number of key areas (job, team, responsibility & output), what your future employer actually does and who they do it for, and lastly what you can expect in return. You must be as close to a subject matter expert as you possibly can be.

Ingenio Learning will help you stand out.

How can Ingenio Learning help?

Ingenio Learning is an online career coaching program built and designed with world class techniques for people who want a career in the Technology industry, regardless of what job you want to do. You might want to be in Sales, Product, Engineering, Marketing or Finance, but you want to work for a Tech company.

This program covers four main areas which are broken down across twenty modules. Each module is detailed yet engaging with sequential lessons. Also included in the course are several exercise templates. The participant can use these worksheets to put pen to paper and refer back to the work when necessary. 

What to expect from the course?

  • You’ll complete a comprehensive Career Coaching course with exercises and worksheets.
  • Introduce you to Tech businesses – their structure, types of roles and existing careers.
  • Focus on your Career& Job.
  • Tools& Tips help you get hired.