If you’re considering pursuing a new career path in the technology industry, chances are good you already have some relevant skills. These are actually key to success in lading your new job, also known as the core skills. Below are a few that will certainly come in handy when pivoting to a career in tech: 


After all, won’t you be spending more time with computers than people? As you may guess this is a false assumption. People willing to get a job in the technology industry often overvalue the technical skills. Knowing things like ‘programming languages’ or ‘design programs’ seek far more attention than ever before. Although, all of these skills are worthless without the ability to communicate. It is the act of understanding and transferring information from one place to another. According to a 2018 survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE); verbal communication skills are ranked first among a job candidate’s ‘must have’ skills and qualities. It is vital to bring the project to life, explaining technical aspects and how it can help the company. Because it is not really an individual skill, you can multifunction in every aspect of the role. Use this as a strong advantage while promoting yourself for the job!


Being able to function effectively in a group is quite important. Especially when explaining technical aspects of projects to those outside of the team, and while managing conflicts. It is an essential skill for getting on in today’s workplaces and in life more generally. For example, an UX designer needs to collaborate with a marketing strategist, website developer, content developer, or even editor. Spreading the same mindset across the relative departments will make everyone more focused on achieving greater goals. This will also minimise the time being wasted during connecting the loose ends. Tech is the same just like any other sector. Every hiring manager would prefer to hire someone who can build positive work relationships in helping others achieve the business goals and objectives. You may therefore find it helpful to demonstrate some collaboration skills in your resume and in the interview.

Global Experience

Thinking outside of the box? That’s a bonus for those considering a career in the tech industry, which is constantly growing and evolving. At this point, global experience facilitates innovation and generation of new ideas at the workplace. Therefore, always highlight it if you previously worked overseas, or your career involved travelling, even if your workplace was diverse. Think multidisciplinary to stand out! Global Financial Employment Monitor’s report published in 2010 highlights that: “A majority of the 6,300 top executives surveyed feel that a candidate with a better understanding of global markets is given more serious consideration before being appointed to higher level positions.” This is equally the same with the ability to speak or code in different languages. Experience in cross boundaries is not just in tech but in every industry is a huge advantage. 


Technology itself is evolving over time and you must evolve with it too! Working on unexpected changes of circumstances, responding effectively to changing working conditions are critical parts of growing organisations. For example, being able to work remotely became a common criteria in 2020. After months of concerns about the effects of COVID-19, every industry is thinking through the evaluations of the next ‘normal’, to better insulate the impact. Adaptability was already an important skill in tech but became even more during those difficult times. This is going to be the priority of 2021.Get ready for it and have the confidence to make difficult decisions when you’re under pressure. 

Problem Solving 

Last but most importantly, problem solving is another skill you might already have. You’ll produce countless tools & ideas to solve the occurring problems, since technology captures all sorts of problems. Here is a great quote from Henri Kaiser; “Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.” It is about using your logic to understand to make sense of a situation. In fact, you may possibly find an innovative way of solving the problem and end up making things more efficient. Hiring managers will be interested to discover how you’d approach problems, whether you actively anticipate potential future problems and act to prevent them. Make sure you draw this skill on your resume with supporting evidence.

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Written by Gizem Dagli

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