Mastering the power of email marketing might just be the thing that sets you apart from your competitors and allows you to dominate your chosen industry. Our last post discussed the fundamentals you will need to have in place before jumping into the deep end. Today, we will look at some key concepts you should consider when developing your campaigns and prepping your SaaS marketing strategy for success…

Most organisations will have already realised the power of email and are utilising it in their SaaS marketing strategy.

If you are reading this you are perhaps late to the party and have yet to realise its untapped potential, but that’s okay!

The best time to make a change is today and luckily we are to guide you along the way:

In case you require a quick recap – To get your email marketing off the ground you’re going to need;

  • One which will ideally integrate well with your current tech stack!
  • You need someone to email after all (but it must be GDPR compliant!)
  • This could be your first point of contact – How do you want to set the tone of your organization?
  • Presentation is key. To grab attention, you’re going to need to hone those writing skills!

Now that you’re all caught up, you can now begin to conceptualise your campaign….. However, if you’re truly lost maybe you need to go right back and start with your website’s vitals’? After all, the best email campaign may have little effect if your home base isn’t in order…

How Do Your Goals & Objectives Tie Into Your SaaS Marketing Strategy

Any SaaS marketer worth their salt will be able to answer this question without hesitating, therefore this should be among the questions you want to ask before making a hiring decision.

There are many reasons why you might want to start implementing an email campaign, let take a look at some of the most common;

Building & Nurturing Relationships: Personalisation cannot be understated here.

Perhaps you want to reach out to someone who has engaged with some of your lead-gen tactics, or maybe you want to follow up with a customer after a purchase.

Whatever the reason, we believe that being genuine and transparent is the best practice here. Long gone are the days of cheesy, sleazy sales tactics ruling the roost.

Yes, they are still in use but are often unsuccessful. Users and algorithms have become highly sophisticated and most can smell a bad actor from a mile off. Establishing that real, human, connection will be one of the best things you can do for your brand.

Boosting Brand Awareness: If someone has subscribed to your email marketing they care about what you’re doing in the space.

Perhaps they consider you a thought-leader, innovator, or leader. Be visible and accessible at the time when your prospects want to learn more about your company and your services.

Promoting Your Content: Your content can’t operate in a vacuum. Send your prospects relevant blog content or useful assets via email.

Marketing New Products Or Services: As previously mentioned, your subscribers are invested in you and your brand.

True brand advocates want to know exactly what’s next on the horizon for your company.

As email is one of the most active and highly engaged communication channels it needs to be a core element of your SaaS marketing strategy.

The Power Of Email Marketing Part II

Approach To Structure & Language

There is a whole host of different structural approaches to email copywriting. In fact, I do not doubt that there have likely been whole books written on the subject.

However, there is one tried and tested method which has persevered, and thankfully it’s one of the most simple to wrap your head around;  Identify one benefit, one differentiator, and one call-to-action, in that specific order.

Benefit: You should clearly explain what your offering would mean to a prospect, as specifically as possible, from the get-go.

Differentiator: You might be familiar with Seth Godin’s Purple Cow –  What is your unique selling point? What can you do for your prospects that no one else on the market can?

Call-To-Action (CTA): One clear, simple and concise Call-To-Action should be all that you need.

Multiple CTA’s will likely confuse the reader. If they generate any leads – your job of measuring and optimizing the results will become unnecessarily more difficult.

You might be sick of hearing it at this stage but I really can’t stress it enough, have a strategy about how you approach your use of language & diction.

Have basic respect and understanding for your reader’s intelligence. Convey your message succinctly and efficiently.

Check out this excellent example from NetHunt for words that communicate urgency without getting too ‘Buzzword-y”;

 (NetHunt, 2021)

Build A Schedule & Test! Test! Test!

Having a rigid schedule in place will prime you for success. Developing a schedule should be nothing new to you marketers.

Being highly organised, capable, ambitious, and brimming with tenacity are common attributes of SaaS Marketing Professionals. They are absolutely essential if you plan on getting a tech job in 2021.

Perhaps you have already brainstormed 10 excellent email campaigns ready to launch, but slow down.

Just because you could doesn’t mean you should!

The cream always rises to the top, and the trait which will separate the amateur marketer from the professional is timing and patience.

Knowing when to start and end your campaign as well as the frequency at which to run it will likely be the key to your success.

After all, very few people will want to be inundated with marketing emails regardless of their love or advocacy for a company, so keep that in mind!

When all other aspects in order and you are finally ready to start your campaign, now it’s time to test.

Perhaps it might seem obvious, but to the uninitiated many will end up running an email campaign without thoroughly testing beforehand.

This can result in metaphorically shooting yourself in the foot before your campaign has the chance to get off the ground.

Thankfully the majority of email clients make this an easy process allowing for the simple testing of campaigns with a click of a button.

Make sure everything is operating correctly as planned, and that there are no grammatical or other errors. Nothing conveys a sense of unprofessionalism that a bunch of easily avoided typos!

If you need a dedicated SaaS Marketer to excel in your email marketing strategy Find Hiring Solutions for your business today!

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Written by James Coffey

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