The importance of your website’s vitals cannot be understated when developing your SaaS marketing strategy. A high-functioning website is the focal point of your business activities and is quite often the first port of call for new prospects and leads. A well-crafted site is your first step towards business success…..

Your website is your own personal 24/7 spokesperson projecting your brand and image to the world. It’s quite simply one of your strongest assets and should be treated as such! A well-curated website is a cornerstone to any successful SaaS marketing strategy. Through careful evaluation and reflection, you can determine if it’s time for a website refresh, if you needed further convincing keep in mind that according to HubSpot 86% of your clientele will discover your business online which should come as no surprise as 29% of consumers are searching for online business once every seven days.

It may come as a major surprise that for all the technological innovation and development, website performance on average, has taken a steep decline over the past 5 years.

(Hubspot, 2021, Does Your Website Make The Grade In 2021?)

However, there’s good news! If you’re here, reading this, and contemplating how to improve your site, you’re already ahead of the curve and have the potential to gain a major advantage over the competition. Let’s take a look at some key areas that if you can master will set you on the path for web domination…

Search Engine Optimization

As with much of our discussed topics, often entire books have been written around the subject due to complexity. This is not supposed to be the be-all and end-all of your research but instead a jumping-off point for further exportation. 

On-page vs. Off-page SEO: On-page factors are those that you control directly on your website, while off-page factors are those that occur off your site, such as links from other websites. As well as the way you promote yourself, it includes what kind of exposure you get, for instance, on social media. For new start-ups in particular is our recommendation that you focus on the area which you have complete control over; On-Page SEO.

Be mindful of;

Content:  Is your content too thin or do you have duplicate pages?

Keyword Stuffing: You’ve most likely heard of keyword strategy, but don’t get trigger happy! Overuse of keywords can be detrimental to your SEO. Research suggests that no more than 3-5% of your text should include keywords & long-tail key phrases.

Metadata: Title tags, H1 headers, descriptions, image alt attribute’s, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with these concepts if you want to rule the search engines!

Mobile Optimization

Today, websites optimized for all devices are perhaps taken for granted.  54% of global website traffic originates from mobile – casual web users most likely don’t realize the preparation and time that goes into making a seamless web-surfing experience. 

Designing your website with optimization in mind is highly recommended. Whether you are coding from scratch or using many of the available website builders there are numerous techniques to ensure design layout translates across devices. One common oversight can be images & video, learning the common principles of frame rate, resolution and compression will help you adapt to any medium. There are many free resources for testing optimization, our pick would be the marvelous Page Speed Test from Experte.


One benchmark that’s arguably more important than any other is security. Particularly if your business deal with online transactions or customer data it is absolutely essential your website is secure. Proper alignment of your sales & marketing team will help determine if there is a weakness in your security.

On average websites have improved their security by over 143% in the last five years, and for good reason. Today, as services become more digital cyber-attacks are on the rise – if you want to sleep soundly knowing your data is safe your website needs to be a digital fort-Knox.

These are not necessarily skills you can learn from a few articles and YouTube tutorials – we suggest enlisting the help of dedicated cybersecurity professional for utmost protection.

Keeping On Top Of The Algorithm

As with most elements in the digital space is crucial to avoid adopting a set it and forget it attitude. Google enjoys keeping marketers and web developers on their toes at all times so it’s so important to keep up to date with all the latest updates and developments if you want to rule the search engines and maintain your rankings. Knowledge in this field is among the many questions you should be asking before hiring a marketer.

It is no exaggeration that Google quite literally updates its core algorithm on a near bi-monthly basis, 4 times so far in 2021 to be exact. If you want to learn about previous updates and impact here is an excellent resource detailing the complete history of google core algorithm changes.

SaaS Marketing 101: Importance of high functioning website

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Written by James Coffey

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