These days it seems more and more people are changing their career path and starting to peruse jobs in the technology center. Maybe you’re migrating from a closely related industry or perhaps you have done a complete career 180 and you have no experience whatsoever in the realm of tech. Whatever the reason you might be asking yourself just how hard is it to get a job in the Software as a Service industry? Is the industry flourishing as much as the rumours suggest?

How To Get Into The Software As A Service Industry

The first step of how to get into SaaS requires knowing who you want to work for. The beauty about the Software as a Service industry is that there are so many different avenues you can go down! These days pretty much every industry will use tech to some degree, meaning there is no shortage of companies and brands to which you can align your values!

You might just find you already possess many transferable skills from previous employment!

As with any major life development, such as a change in career, a dose of soul-searching and reflection could be just what one needs to make the right decision – good things we here at Ingenio have you covered with 5 proven self-reflection strategies.

Getting Experience In The Software As A Service Industry

Once you have decided what area of the industry you want to enter and the roles which might be suited for you – the next logical step is figuring out how to get SaaS experience as well as the tools, workflow, and skills required for that specific job.

There are many types of skills; Primarily soft skills & hard skills. Hard skills are quantifiable tangible skills such as technical or computer skills for example. Soft skills describe your interpersonal skills such as etiquette, communication & people skills. Your instinct might say to focus on hard skills but soft skills can be just as important for securing that job!

We often hear the common gripe of entry-level jobs requiring years of experience – How to get formal experience without any previous experience resembles the old parable of which came first, the chicken or the egg? 

Although this is a concern for those entering new industries – lack of ‘formal’ experience should not prevent your personal development. There are many ‘experience’ building activities you can be participating in while waiting for that interview or phone call. 

Completing online courses or certifications can be a great addition to the CV. Project projects can serve as portfolio works as well as demonstrating both initiative and project management ability!

Never underestimate the power of your network – become active in online communities/forums relating to your industry – be a part of the conversation!

How to Apply for a SaaS Position

Once you have decided on the companies or the type of companies you wish to work for, and have gained the relevant skills and experience required, you are now in a position to begin your job hunt.

It’s worth investigating what job sourcing options are available and which platforms or methods should take your focus. Is establishing your presence on the most common job boards, such as; Indeed, Monster, or Glassdoor the best approach or is your prospective job more likely to be found through LinkedIn? 

Perhaps a dedicated recruiter is best equipped to place you in the specific SaaS role your after – the reality is the answer will probably lie somewhere in between these options and will take some experimentation to figure out! 

Also, don’t be afraid of rejection or negative feedback – think of it as inspiration for further improvement, this can be easier said than done, however, rejection is key to becoming resilient. 

If you’re still in your early-deployment stages, focusing on your hard & soft skills, and have yet to start navigating interviews then maybe our course might be just the thing for you. Our 4 Steps to Get Hired by a Tech Company course has been curated from years of experience in the tech & SaaS industry. 

If you’re further along in your journey and are ready to take the next step, don’t be shy – reach out to us here at Ingenio and Find a Job today!

Written by James Coffey

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