The Most Affected Sectors during Covid-19 Pandemic

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic many people have lost jobs and many others fear this possibility. The future can seem really daunting and uncertain. A lot of individuals are experiencing high levels of stress and some may even feel depressed. It appears as if there are not a lot of options available for people who lost their jobs especially within the non-essential sectors such as RETAIL, HOSPITALITY, and ENTERTAINMENT. In Ireland, the unemployment rate in March 2021 reached 24.2%. In the UK it has reached 5% which is the highest figure within the last 5 years.

The technology sector is on the rise

We want to bring a little HOPE and DIRECTION back into your life by bringing you GREAT NEWS! Unlike the affected sectors the TECH SECTOR gained a big BOOST during the pandemic! With many companies going remote, the technology sector is experiencing a HIGH DEMAND for providing tools to support the new home offices. Karyn McCaffrey, Head of Sales and Customer Success at CWSI one of our guests in ‘’Women in Tech Talk Series’’ is a witness of this phenomenon as she stated herself it was ‘’very busy times’’ for CWSI at the start of the pandemic with companies going remote. This technology adoption by companies working virtually is expected to stay throughout 2021 and most likely into years to come. As a result of this, the technology sector will be always looking for talent to fill their expanding teams. 

Tech needs non-techy people!

Karyn herself was never

‘’a technical person despite the fact that CWSI is quite a technical company, but […]  always believed really much in the tech, and how it […] makes everyone’s lives easier ‘’.  Karyn’s story challenges a common misconception about the technological sector and that you need to have a ‘’technological background’’ to get involved. She built a successful a career in tech by utilising her customer-focused approach. Now her department is at the core of what CWSI do.

The technology sector NEEDS individuals with YOUR EXPERIENCE and YOUR SKILLSET to keep up with the high demand. Customer services roles, as well as sales roles, are crucial to the profitability of the industry. At the end of the day, TECH IS ABOUT SERVING PEOPLE and SOFT SKILLS are a foundation of creating meaningful and satisfactory Customer Experiences.

You already have what it takes! TRANSFERABLE SKILLS

Most people do not realise that they already have the skills they can utilise to make a leap into technology. There is a high demand for people with soft skills within the tech sector. Persuasion and communication skills are crucial in order to gain new clients. Skills such as solving issues and relationship building are important for customer retention. 

We want to help people from the affected sectors gain back their confidence as well as coach them on how they can overcome areas of unfamiliarity. That’s why we decided to create SPECIALISED WORKSHEETS designed for people from the affected sectors.

Find out which transferrable skills apply to tech roles and take your first step towards your new career!

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Written by Magda Kaczmarska

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