Written by Laura Orpen

It goes without saying that at this point, we have all heard enough terms that have come from the pandemic. “Strange and uncertain times”, “post Covid world” and how could I not mention “the new normal”. If adjusting to that isn’t daunting enough, some of us are hoping to change careers or find new employment. Some of you may even be recent college graduates. I’m sure you are looking at the current state of the job market and thinking “Job hunting as a graduate is meant to have its challenges, but I didn’t expect to be facing into this”. I feel your pain and Ingenio Learning can help you embrace the changes in the tech industry.

Positive demand

With all of that in mind, it is understandable to feel disheartened at the prospect of exploring a new phase of employment. However, as a hopeful candidate in the tech industry you may have an advantage that others do not. According to IrishJobs.ie, recruitment experts claim the technology sector is currently considered to be one of the most active areas to be searching for jobs. This year has seen a surge in demand for UX and UI designers which is steadily increasing, with UX being especially desirable – CSS, HTML and WordPress in particular.

Promise for the future

A promising factor worth mentioning is that the technology industry is ranked as one of the top industries to work in Ireland. Most companies offer competitive salaries and attractive benefits packages. Today, the industry stands as one of the few where growth has continued throughout this year despite the challenges all industries were met with. With Brexit looming, it is likely that the impact on Britain will have benefits for Ireland in the way of Fintech companies moving over here and creating more jobs.

With companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Paypal having locations in Ireland, it has proven to be an attractive move. A number of the worlds top players in the tech industry continue to invest in Ireland and are known to reward talented employees generously. The market for contractors is said to be growing also.

Embracing the changes

The world that we live in now depends on online connectivity more than ever. There is an increasing need for online learning resources as they will be utilised heavily in the coming school year along with the foreseeable future. Online career coaching training and career development courses will be the way forward. Hence why we at Ingenio Learning really believe in what we can offer to those interested in a career in the tech industry.

Jijay Shen, CEO of Huawei Ireland, said that for Ireland to emerge from Covid-19 as strong as possible we must embrace new forms of technology. “As the country reopens for business, we should look to how technology can help enable the creation of high-value jobs and power Ireland’s innovation and enterprise economy. Companies and entrepreneurs are examining how traditional industries such as construction or agriculture can be disrupted and optimised using technology.”

The same can be said for all of us. Especially those eager to branch out into a new role or tech industry. We must embrace the changes we have been met with and as a result we will prosper.

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