We all know finding the right talent in a Tech company can be hard. This becomes even harder for smaller companies that struggle to match with perks and benefits that well-funded giants offer.

The Struggle in Tech Talent:

In simple words, the right Talent is always at scarcity. Tech companies are in a virtual race competing to acquire and retain skilled tech workers. Moreover, Technological innovations have increased with the elimination of human labours in certain areas.

In Fact, based on a research 86% of the tech recruiters find it hard to acquire technical talent.

However, technology is taking over the dull jobs, by paving the way in creating new jobs for people, especially the post-pandemic world.   

Where does this lead?

There is a rising number of roles in the tech industry where the existing workforce do not have the right skills to fill those roles. Currently, tech companies are desperate to achieve their hiring targets, almost more than half (53%) of the hired talents do not meet exact requirements. There is a lack of capability in the field of technology until the next generation of technical experts enters the workforce.

In order to remain competitive, businesses should equip themselves with certain instruments in order to recruit talents. Deploying a Recruitment Process Outsourcing to add talents to your company will add a lot of benefits.

Alright, what is the benefit of RPO?

  • Hiring talents is always expensive, right from the job posting down to the final stage of the interview. RPO deployment can reduce this Staffing cost of in-house recruitment.
  • By using an RPO, it saves the firm a lot of Time, Energy and Cost thereby, increasing business efficiency.
  • The analytical insights derived from RPO’s cutting edge tech allows a results-driven and efficient approach to recruiting the top talent.
  • Tracking systems and KPI’s ensures hiring talents do not go off track in the long run.

Why partner with a Tech RPO?

  • Partnering with an RPO that emphasises on Tech firms provides exponential gains to the company.
  • A Tech-focussed RPO, allows one to pull in top tech talents in various positions as they understand the tech world.
  • In addition, technical interviews and skill-based tests are carried out with a breeze to ensure that exceptional talents are secured.

Be ahead with Ingenio:

Ingenio’s unique concept of Baby RPO is truly made for Tech Businesses for the expansion of the workforce. 

Ingenio’s RPO is an extension of your ‘Talent Acquisition’ functionality by redefining your recruitment process based on the primary pillars of:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

Find out more on how your firm can expand the workforce, by partnering with Ingenio.

Written by Srinivasan Nagarajan

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