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Ingenio helps SaaS companies scale.

We are the leading recruiter for SaaS businesses across Sales, Software, Product & Leadership roles. Since 2015 Ingenio has partnered with the most exciting names across technology offering a custom approach to search. With offices in Dublin and London, we are the SaaS recruiter that work to help you grow your business.

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Our Practices

Sales & Marketing

Few roles have as direct an impact on bottom line

Our team has worked on a whole variation of roles across Sales & Inbound & Outbound Marketing, Business Development, Account Executive, Account Management, Customer Success and Sales Operations.

We get sales.


Leadership & Executive

Great leadership lifts teams & businesses

Our founders were leaders in successful technology businesses. The impact is so crucial when hiring leaders. Great leadership lifts teams & businesses.


Software Development & Engineering

For those with curiosity, a love for learning and a passion for creating

While there are plenty of jobs out there, that doesn’t mean the competition isn’t fierce.
We’ll help you understand the market better be that DevOps, Software Development, Application or Infrastructure.


Product & Project

Build the concept, improve the concept, deliver the concept. Repeat!

It’s easy to forget that Product Management & Project Management in SaaS are still relatively new and emerging roles.

We’ve built a practice that helps clients find resources who are responsible for best practice, road-map & priority, delivery & success KPIs across these areas.


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Ingenio Learning

Ingenio Learning is an online career coaching program built and designed with world class techniques for people who want a career in the Technology industry, regardless of what job you want to do.

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