A Day in the Life…

James Mumby

During the week I work so its the phone alarm kicking off at 6:30 when I’m at home, or the hairdryer going nuts at 6:10 when I’m at my girlfriend’s. She swears its quiet. It isn’t.

Once out of the pit I’ll have a scratch, complain about how early it is, be told off for being negative and then get on the bike into Liverpool St if the day starts in the office which it usually does.

I’m lucky to live in and work in London with most of my clients and workmates in the City as well so it’s a real blessing to do six miles mincing around on a fixed gear through London to go to work.

No hot and sweaty crammed tubes surrounded by the annoyed great and good of London, only medium chance of death by car, happy days.

London rocks, its my favourite City. Every time I think about living abroad I realise I’d have to leave London.

Breakfast consists of eggs, chilli, avocado, tomatoes. Anything I can use to pretend I’m actually healthy. Washed with a double macchiato injection. This is substituted every now and then (who am I kidding) with something bacon or sausage themed depending on client entertaining or seeing my lady or friends etc.

profile-templateWork is great at the moment, I’ve been at my new place for nine months and am riding a high being the first person to complete their year’s total quota target. By July no less. From a standing start as well so I’m really pleased (dangerously verging on smug sometimes) with the momentum I’ve gathered in such a short time.

Which is why its such a good thing the boss is keen to keep me humble and remind me (daily) that I’m only as good as my last month!

I’m very busy and it’s delightful times so I’m cracking on making 2016 as ball busting as I can make it.

My day is typically either getting out to see prospective clients or partners, suppliers, contacts to generate more prospective clients to see. I’ll be conducting business discoveries, trying to map out client objectives and priorities and then the nirvana is finding solutions that we can provide to actually help them with what they’re trying to do.

Some you win, some you lose but it’s the best feeling when you know you’ve made a difference for them.

With all the media scaremongering and political and economic upheaval that’s happening at the moment we’re still growing 25% as a business every year, have ambitious growth plans and are hitting our targets, which is really great.

We carry out an awful lot of showcases and demonstrations as well as client events and then once companies and have done they’re diligence on us and their market research they tend to ask us to partner with them become their suppliers of choice.

And hopefully I can bring on new clients without having to complete any Invitation to Tender or RFP/RFI response documentation…. which I hate almost more than Donald Trump. Which is saying something…

My target is to bring on 8 new clients a year and I’m running at nine currently. We have 160 clients as a business so its rewarding knowing that my team is making a significant contribution to our company’s growth.

Once work is over for the day at around 6pm I’ll either head out with my girlfriend for drinks and a meal or meet up with friends for similar excursions, or get on the bike and get home to cook something for dinner.

Having taken a career break recently I spent a year going to Leith’s School of Food & Wine and cooking in Michelin restaurants so there is always something going on in the kitchen at my place. I love all food and am always trying out something fattening and lovely, accompanied by something awesome to drink with it.

I’m getting into making my own curry powders and pastes, trying my hand at sourdough (using my own starter yeasts) and trying to perfect the Old Fashioned and Sazerac at the moment. It will be something different next month I’m sure.

I’m also big into my TV and films. Huge fan of box sets. Stranger Things and Preacher have just been binged on.

Then it’s time for beddy byes.

Once in the pleasure dome I’ll read a bit of a book to get me down and I’m flat out til morning.

Right now I’m….

Reading – Moby Dick at the moment. David Copperfield and Count of Monte Cristo get read once a year usually. All time favourites.

Listening – Kano, Guns N Roses, anything bluesy, old school D&B (born and raised in Bristol!)

Watching – Stranger Things, Preacher, Ballers, Mr Robot

Holidaying – Lisbon, Canada, Santorini & Amalfi Coast (Positano)

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