A Day in the Life…

Andrew Bennett

Andrew-BennettOn an average working day, the dreaded alarm goes off at 6am. Naturally, I press the snooze button once, perhaps twice if it’s been a particularly restless night. Next up is checking my emails and phone to see if I have received any messages in the night; Nope, none.

Time to get up, straight to the shower, brush my teeth and have a shave. If I have a client meeting that day, I’ll put on a suit, if it’s an office day, then a shirt and chinos will suffice.  Now for the most important part of my morning ritual, COFFEE! A year or so ago I bought a great little coffee machine (it’s actually quite large) that grinds the beans and brews the coffee for me, which is just wonderful and it certainly packs a punch, but I would put that down to the extra strong Ethiopian coffee beans I recently purchased. I’m not a big fan of weak coffee.

After coffee and toast (my usual breakfast, if there’s time) then I begin my commute… a 10 minute walk to the station, headphones in and listening to Nick Ferrari on LBC. My flat’s location was one of the main factors for buying it over 3.5years ago now. It’s about 5 minutes’ walk into the centre of town (10 minutes stagger on a Friday night) and 10 minutes’ walk to the mainline train station, ideal.

ingenio-andrew-bennettThe next leg of my commute is an altogether separate beast. Often the platform is packed with fellow commuters, end to end and sometimes several deep. Anyway, being a creature of habit, I generally stand in the same spot every day. Over my 6 years of commuting, I know exactly where the doors open on the platform, sad…? Perhaps, but damn useful. Once in a blue moon I get a seat, which feels like Christmas I can assure you. I’ve been reading a great book called Wild Swans: The Three Daughters of China recently, I’m about of the way into it, and it’s all-consuming. Before you know it (about 45mins) the train is pulling into Waterloo and there’s a great scrabble to see who can get to the door first. Once out of Waterloo there’s a great sigh of relief, 5 more minutes’ walk, and I’ll be sat at my desk.

I’m an Account Executive for a Telephony and Network Solutions company in Southwark. I focus on developing and closing new business, something that is certainly not easy. I am however, very much a people person, so talking and developing consultative working relationships with my clients is a great joy of the job.

5:30pm comes, and it’s time to do the commute all over again, this time in reverse. I’ll generally receive a phone call from my brother or some friends on my way home telling me all about their day and asking if I fancied a pint. As its 5 minutes’ walk into town, it’s hard to say no; “ok, I’m only having 1 though”…!

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