As a direct result of COVID 19, the labour market that we serve has changed from an employee-driven market to an employer-driven market. That being said, candidates will always look to join good employers.

COVID 19 has brought about some hugely positive changes in lots of workplaces – remote working, trust, increased productivity, and a heightened sense of balance. If employers can maintain some or all of these positive changes when returning to normal, it will further enhance their employer brand.

Why Employer Values are Crucial?

SaaS Recruitment is such a people-driven business – that is why we know Employer Brand and the Employer Value Proposition are crucial.

The Employer Value Proposition is the core of your employer’s brand that defines your positioning and strategic direction. We know that effective brands are based on a proposition. This defines the main benefits that a customer will obtain from his relationship with your brand, including the values ​​and principles represented by the company.

We’ve recently hosted a panel discussion about the future of workplace culture and the rase of a new role, that sits in the middle of HR & People and Technology to manage everything remotely to guarantee productivity as well as to manage and develop people according to the values needs.  This session just highlighted how important it is to align people with the brand values from a business and a human perspective and how that reflects positively on the results achieved. (Watch the Webinar Recording Link)

What employer values are most important for SaaS talent right now?

Throughout the year, we interview hundreds of professionals in the SaaS space on the trends that shape the industry and share the findings as part of our commitment to helping our clients, candidates, and partners.

Below are some interesting data that we’ve collected from professionals within the SaaS space regarding what employer values are most important for talent right now. We are comparing our survey with the 2019 LinkedIn Employer Value propositions Survey.  

As COVID-19 continues to dramatically alter the industry we can see that reflect on what employees most value in a company to work for right now. So keep these in mind – Good work-life-balance, Flexible work arrangements, and Job Security.

SaaS Talent remains thinking that the most valuable proposition for an employer brand is to have a good work-life balance. However, excellent compensations and benefits are now replaced for the possibility of having flexible work arrangements in the second position in the rank of importance.

In the third position in the rank, we see the increase of Job Security as one of the most valuable propositions right now. It’s now obvious that many countries have seen unemployment rise, professionals lost the confidence in their capability of retaining a job and the government’s Scheme, which subsidises part of people’s wages, but didn’t ensure job security, is failing in the one thing it’s meant to do: retain jobs.

What can be done?

Encourage Work-Life Balance improvement– Creating a harmonious work-life integration is critical, to improve well-being, but it’s also important for business and careers. Employers who are committed to providing environments that support work-life balance for their employees can save on costs and enjoy a more loyal and productive workforce.

Be flexible: In the remote working age, flexible working arrangements can support employees to balance caring and work responsibilities. Flexible working options may include: starting or finishing work at differing times, working compressed hours, being able to work remotely with all the support and tools that are needed.

Boost Job Security – Sometimes your employee needs your reassurance that you require his services. Making sure that your employee feels that you value his employment with your company helps you both to continue to make your company thrive in the future.

Good work-life-balance, Flexible work arrangements, and Job Security matter: they might mean a good defense for your brand and business prosperity.

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