With the confidence of a well-executed hiring strategy in place, the path to hire a sales team becomes clearer & clearer…

Whether you want to hire a sales team for yaour Saas start-up or you’re an experienced hiring manager taking in some light reading – we recommend going back to Part I of this article where we discuss the importance of well-executed planning & best strategies to recruit, select and train best sales employees.

Whatever stage you are at this blog looks to provide value to you and your journey, continue below where we discuss getting Job descriptions and job postings right as well as the dangers and cost of a sales mis-hire….

Problems & Impact Of A Bad Hire In Saas

Naturally, hiring the wrong person for the job is a situation we would all rather avoid. It’s important not to get complacent here, many don’t realise the cons of a mis-hire can far surpass simply extending the hiring process….

  • We’re not just talking about the time to hire here; the leadership team and your experienced employees will also waste time trying to correct mistakes and shortcomings of the new employee while they are at your company. 
  • Delayed product launches/deployment, slowing down time to market resulting in negatively impacting service quality and ability to respond to customers are serious knock’s to productivity which can result from a mis-hire.

    When top performers are spending more time trying to mitigate the effects of a bad sales hire, their numbers can suffer greatly. As everyone is focused on damage control, your employees are less likely to be contributing to the bottom line, increasing your financial burden further.
  • A company’s brand equity is one of its most important assets. Employees who are well-suited to the job have a lot in common that makes them cohere, resulting in a well-run sales machine. A revolving door of salespeople is a sure-fire way to cause havoc.
  • A poor hire may not be immediately noticeable. A thriving employee doesn’t necessarily mean they’re happy & content in the position. A company should look to avoid a high churn rate (employee’s leaving after a few weeks or months)   

The cost of hire can be a concern when recruiting sales teams for start-ups; One of the big benefits of outsourcing talent acquisition is the potential to dramatically reduce this cost!

Job Descriptions

The quality of your job descriptions can have a huge impact on the candidates you attract. Be careful not to go overboard with the detail, commonly employers try to cram every aspect of a role into the JD (Job Description) results in an overwhelming experience –  going for a clear and concise approach is often more effective.

Interview & Hiring processes are a two-way street. Job descriptions provide an excellent opportunity to make your value proposition clear. Provide candidates with an overview of the benefits of working for your company. Explain the work environment at your company, the mission, and opportunities for advancement.

Expect to see the following from a well-constructed Job Description;

  • Role/Position title: It is important to clarify that a job title matches the kind of job opportunity that a candidate is looking for. Remember candidates often decide whether to consider a position simply based on the title.
  • Overview of responsibilities: This section should explain clearly the duties and responsibilities you have for this position to ensure candidates know what will be expected of them.
  • Description of the ideal candidate: Describe the type of person who is likely to excel in this role so that a candidate can be sure they’re a good fit. 
  • Education or experience requirements: Provide candidates with as much information as possible so they can make a decision about whether they qualify for the job. Consider making it clear to interested candidates if you are looking for someone with a particular level of expertise or education.
  • Clear instructions on how to apply: You should clearly state in the job description how candidates should apply and what they must submit. Do you want them to submit a cover letter and resume, or are you just looking for an application? By making it clear on the job description, you will make it easier for qualified candidates to apply. 
With the confidence of a well-executed hiring strategy in place, the path to hiring the perfect Saas Sales team becomes clearer & clearer…

We seriously hope the information here has made the path to hire a sales team that much clearer. If you have enjoyed this content be sure to check out Part I for a refresher and keep your eyes peeled for Part III coming next week.

We intend to spread our experience and knowledge allowing companies to make the sales hiring process possible. If you would rather outsource this process to the professionals and avail of the benefits of RPO partnerships we have you covered also!

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Written by James Coffey

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