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The Retail Property model is broken. Forever. Sook will help fix it

Jul 8, 2020 1000 GMT

Tune in to our live webinar with John Hoyle who is CEO and Founder at UK-based PropTech Sook. You’ll learn how their technology is helping create the most adaptive retail spaces in the world.

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The Newest C-Suite Job – CRWO, come on down!

We’re hosting a live panel discussion that will bring two leaders from Technology and Talent Operations together to discuss the concept, ideas and solutions to what could be the biggest ever shift that a company has ever made.

Embracing Digital Commerce & Building Revenue Resilience

Tune in to our live webinar with Emily Beere who is Chief Sales Officer at thriftify. You’ll learn how their digital, omni-channel, B2B platform has enabled some very traditional retailers to sell online and increase their revenues quickly.

Ingenio Webinar – Adapting a SaaS Marketing strategy

Tune in to our live webinar with Shane McDonnell, Director of Marketing at iCabbi, as he shares his experiences on how iCabbi’s business and his team has adapted to reacted to an entirely changed environment. 

Ingenio Webinar – Managing your employer & talent brand during Covid19

Tune in to our live webinar with Kristie Perrotte, Founder & CMO at Thrive, as she shares essential advice on the key branding strategies that businesses should be focussed on right now.

Ingenio Webinar – Fundraising, Supports & Restructuring for Irish SaaS Businesses

Join us for our upcoming webinar with Brian McDonald, Managing Director at Bay Advisory, and listen to what he has to say to Irish SaaS businesses about current market conditions in fundraising, supports, and restructuring.

Ingenio Webinar – Pivoting to a remote Sales Development Team

Are you running sales teams? we will be speaking to James Kearns, Commercial Manager at Kefron, a reputable provider of quality digital services, simplifying the document and information management world for over 900 customers in Europe across multiple sectors.

Ingenio Webinar – Building an EMEA SaaS business from zero

Tune in to our live webinar with Tonia Luykx, VP EMEA Sales at Sift as she discusses with Rob Magee how she is building and scaling Sift’s business across the region. During the webinar, you can expect to hear her talk about the space that Sift operates in, their growth plans, lessons learned and their plan for 2020 and beyond.