Recruiting as a Tech firm in 2021 is going to be just as hard as 2020, especially with the lack of skilled technical talents. Recruiting candidates has become hard and the current recruitment system has not become non-relevant either. To be better at recruiting, companies need to adopt new methods. Firms looking for technical talents need to spend time in the digital space/platforms. By integrating with technology more of these candidates will be easier to find.

Communicating your Tech:

The first and foremost thing to consider while advertising a new job is to address what kind of technology your future candidates will be working with (E.g.: Salesforce, CSS, Python etc). The more information you attach to a role, the more attention it is going to gain. Clear communication about the skills you are looking for early on matters. 

Simple Application process:

Candidates are busy too, making them repeat all their education and work history for an hour is useless when they have already attached their CV/Resume. This, in turn, will only make you lose out on candidates. There are a plethora of applicant tracking systems that allow you to minimize the process and keep it organised and inexpensive. They also provide efficient & interactive skill assessment games for every specific role and industry.

Hiring External Recruiters is substantial:

External recruiters in general have the natural capability to jump from one client to the other from various resources. Especially, for smaller businesses, the process of recruiting can consume precious time. This allows one to focus on other aspects of the business, allowing external recruiters to bring in candidates from a vast pool of talent.

Enhancing Brand Image:

Tech Leaders need to emphasize Branding & content marketing to acquire talents and stay ahead in the competition. Investment in marketing is like a CV for a candidate; it’s everything. Sharing the knowledge of your industry through attractive content is essential for enhancing your overall reach and image of the Brand.

Differentiation is important for a brand as Social media has become the face of organizations and is entwined with one’s image.

What CEO's & HR think of Employer Branding in terms of Recruitment in the tech industry.

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Expand your Geographical demographics:

In this present pandemic world, remote jobs have become prominent and are on the rise with the complete digitalisation of many roles. Companies should seize this opportunity by outsourcing Tech roles or employing people to work remotely. This also allows your firm to function smoothly regardless of the time zones.

Bring in the Cavalry:

Business owners and CEO’s of tech start-ups need to know that closing a deal with a candidate is not as easy as expected. The competition is high out there with thousands of Tech Start-ups flooding the market.

However, one needs to bring the entire team, right from the co-founders to the investors in if necessary. The other way is to use the full potential of the marketing team, which has become the key in this digital world. Push out content through Blogs, podcasts, and webinars regularly. This content-based marketing is what will boost your recruiting efforts.

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Written by Srinivasan Nagarajan

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