Covid-19 has changed a lot in terms of how we do business nowadays, and as it changed and reshaped our working world, you should position and prepare yourself for it. Start to enter the New Year 2021 by building or developing these soft skills that employers will be looking for in their future employees:

  1. Efficient communication

You need to be able to communicate and demonstrate your knowledge and experience successfully to potential employers in a job interview. For example, talking about how you are great at working under pressure isn’t enough; you should use your communication skills to emphasize how skilled you are in working under pressure by providing examples.

The communication is now changed compared to conversations you had with colleagues and employers prior to Covid, as a lot of people are working from home or having a hybrid work environment (at home and at the office). This will most likely continue on in 2021. This is where strong communication skills are going to be of even more importance as we learn to adapt to building and maintaining relationships remote rather than in person.

  • Adaptability

Ability to adapt and accept change is of most value in the working world post-Covid as now change will be a big part of the working world. Employers are looking for people who can get out of their comfort zone so they can grow as professionals.

So far, through Covid-19, you likely faced challenges and adversities you didn’t foresee. It has made us all uncomfortable and we learned to adapt, live in this new normal environment and get ready for 2021.

  • Enthusiasm for learning

As everything can change almost overnight, businesses are starting to realise that with change comes demand for different skills that you might not possess at the moment. Therefore, up-skilling should be one of your priorities.

By devoting time to up-skill and learn new things you will demonstrate to potential employers your willingness to adapt and learn to better yourself through these tough times.

  • Emotional intelligence

Working in 2021, high level of emotional intelligence is of most value. It is it vital to have high emotional intelligence when working with others in order to deal with challenging situations that might arise.

Developing and increasing emotional intelligence will help you approach the challenges in a more structured manner, and communicate with empathy with colleagues.

  •  Creativity

Employers are looking for individuals who can come up with creative solutions and ideas to different challenges business might face to make sure the results are achieved despite potentially limited resources.

In order to be more creative, try to give yourself some space to think by doing something unrelated to work, like going for a walk or cooking dinner.  Try to be curious and take fresh perspective on the challenge by asking yourself questions such as “What if I was in their shoes?” or “What if I had more time or limitless resources?”

  • Problem-solving

In 2021, having the ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently will be very important as companies have demand for people who are quick to adapt and can use creative solutions to challenges.

In order to improve your problem solving, try to visualise the problem in front of you by sketching the issue at place and figuring how you can solve it. Solving challenges is a soft skill all managers and leaders will greatly appreciate, plus it will help you adapt to new working environment as well as grow as a professional.

Written by Lydia Lovrich

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