How to Master SaaS Hiring

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About the Speaker

Rob Magee is CEO & Founder at Ingenio. Ingenio is the leading recruiter for SaaS businesses across Europe. Since 2015 Ingenio has worked for & partnered with some of the most exciting SaaS brands like Kandji ($60m Series B), &Open ($7.2m Seed), Xtremepush ($33m) and WebDoctor (€3m).

Prior to founding Ingenio, Rob started, managed and sold a number of Technology and Software businesses namely Touchbase, Datapoint & Capstone. He is an investor in and an advisor to a number of SaaS businesses across the UK & Ireland.

When is it: 19th January at 1030GMT

What is it:

When were you & your team last trained to hire? Have you ever been coached on recruitment? Right now, more than ever, you need to know exactly what you’re doing….

• This is a live, 60 minute Masterclass with Rob who will be teaching you how to hire according to timescales, business goals, requirements & budget. 

•It will give you access to a community of other SaaS hiring managers so you can network, problem-solve and learn how others fail & succeed. 

• Mentorship with Rob and his team at Ingenio to help you build, develop or fine tune your hiring processes

What will You Learn:

  • • The impact of a bad hire on a SaaS business with recurring revenue can be majorly negative on a P&L. We’ll help you understand how to eliminate or negate bad hires.
  • • You need to execute against a date-driven plan, so we’ll help you organise a robust hiring process according to timescales, business goals, requirements & budget
  • • Understanding the ever-growing tech stack in hiring – we’ll help you understand what you need and whats on the market
  • • How to write a compelling job description and advert that people will actually want to respond to
  • • How & where to advertise jobs so you generate inbound and build strong candidate pipeline
  • • How to analyse CV’s and save time without missing great candidates
  • • How to design the best interview processes that save time and maximise the candidate experience


This Masterclass is for people who are involved at any stage of a hiring process within SaaS, software or technology businesses. Perhaps you’ve been hiring for years and need refresher training. Or maybe you are new to hiring and nervous about what it entails. Whatever your level, we’ve got you covered!


United Kingdom


Catherine Lonergan
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Toovio
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The team at Ingenio went a step further than most agencies. They not only understand our needs in terms of the role we were looking to fill, but took time to understand our culture and our current stage of growth. This translated into an experience that was both precise and quick and a candidates that instantly fit within our company. It’s refreshing to work with such effective people.
Sophie Hayes
Sales Academy Manager
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Ingenio are different because they have worked with me to build a close business relationship to ensure they only deliver the best people – easier said than done in my experience. The specific benefit I get from working with Ingenio is the relationship. Foehn has worked with Ingenio for a long time now and they have taken the time to understand our business in lots of detail. There is not a thing I would like them to do differently!
Albert Keating
CEO at Eleven
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The people in Ingenio are customer focused, they care about helping the business not necessarily just putting any one forward. When I first met Rob and James in an Ingenio capacity they wanted to help, rather than just tick a box. They are willing to help and engage in a professional manner, while having the knowledge of the contact centre market, so they know exactly what works and what doesn’t. I am working with personalities, that show emotion not just people. They want to help, and achieve success for their clients.
Otavio Rosa
Director of Engineering
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Understanding how well Ingenio worked with their candidates, made me very comfortable in working with them and, now, as a hiring manager, I not only appreciate Ingenio’s partnership for their support and ethicals, but also because of how well they strategically integrate into our recruitment process — providing insights and offering their expertise before, during and after the hiring process.
Sheena Bailay
Co-founder & CEO
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Ingenio was referred to us by a business colleague and we engaged with them as we were rapidly expanding our Dublin HQ. Their managed service allowed us to consistently forecast costs and have better predictability. Rob and the team are very friendly and knowledgeable and I’ve enjoyed working with them.
Samantha DooleyMarketing Communications Manager at NearForm
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The recruiters at Ingenio were always available and patient with answering any questions I had. They would stay in contact to check all is well and has kept in touch even after I started the new position, it really shows you how they care for their clients!

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