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Topic – The Newest C-Suite Job – CRWO, come on down!

Duration – 30 mins

If there’s one thing that Covid has shown, its how quickly EVERY business has adapted to working remotely. We’re starting to see lots of speculation around when businesses will return to the office, if at all. Will there be A teams and B teams working on set scheduled days? How can you guarantee productivity is achieved being full-time remote? How can you preserve a culture and values that you’ve worked so hard to build? And how do you make sure your people are OK?

We think a new role will have to be created that sits in the middle of HR & People, Operations & Technology – it’s the Chief Remote Working Officer. This person will need to become responsible for all and everything remote:

  • adapting or deploying technology to make sure people can do their jobs quickly, securely and accurately
  • achieving output, metrics and results in whatever role it is that an employee does
  • managing, coaching and developing people in line with culture and value needs
  • all of the new compliance and legal obligations that support this

We’re hosting a live panel discussion that will bring two leaders from Technology and Talent Operations together to discuss the concept, ideas and solutions to what could be the biggest ever shift that a company has ever made.

Tom Kennedy is an experienced Sales Leader at CWSI, an incredible IT & Services company that helps companies with the ability to transform their businesses by designing and managing secure mobility solutions.

Audrey O'Mahony leads the Talent and Organisation practice within Accenture’s Management Consulting business. She has spent most of her career working on large-scale business transformation programmes. Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services in strategy and consulting, interactive, technology and operations, with digital capabilities across all of these services.

Ingenio is the leading SaaS Recruiter.

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