This event has now ended.
Ingenio Webinar - Pivoting to a remote Sales Development team in two days
Date: Wednesday 15th April 2020
Time: 11:00am
Duration: 30 min
Guest: James Kearns, Commercial Manager at Kefron 

This Webinar Covered:

- Background to James's professional career
- Overview of Kefron & the industry they serve
- March – How did COVID-19 impact Kefron's team?
Initial reaction to COVID crisis from sales perspective. – The team was 10% shy of the Q1 revenue target but exceeded the new logo target.
- Managing remote SDR’s – Time to train and do competitor analysis - Changing the message – empathy and research are key. Who is thriving? Who do we stay away from?

James Kearns is Commercial manager at Kefron. He manages the Business Development Team and also play an important role in client acquisition and growing the Kefron Digital business in the UK.

Kefron simplifies the document and information management world for over 900 customers in Europe, ranging from small local professionals to multi-national organisations across multiple sectors, including financial, legal, public sector, business services, medical and pharmaceutical.

Please feel free to submit any questions or comments to either Rob Magee or James Kearns.