Running a successful business is hard work and time-consuming, so sometimes outsourcing services is an essential and clever practice.

1 Reduce cost per hire

When directed in-house, the costs of recruitment can quickly mount up. Advertising on job boards, dedicating HR staff to read and screen CVs and conducting interviews all make a significant dent to company funds. Depending on the level of the job vacancy, as some may require several rounds of screening and interview, these costs can be significant. For example, an Oxford Economics report estimated that replacing a high tier employee can cost upwards of £30,000. Outsourcing recruitment streamlines the process and allows you to combine all of these costs into one simple and often cheaper fee. In addition, you only need to pay the recruitment fees while you are using them meaning that if your company employee turnover is low, you may only need to pay a one-off fee every few years rather than maintain a dedicated team in the HR department.

2 Allows your employees to focus on their key roles

Unless you have a dedicated recruitment team, chances are your recruitment is taken on by members of management alongside their other tasks. Although filling a vacancy is important to your business, this takes valuable time away from your employees that would otherwise be spent fulfilling their standard obligations. By allowing your staff to focus on their main duties, and outsourcing recruitment you can save on company time and increase your businesses efficiency.

3 Recruitment agencies can obtain better quality hires

Recruitment consultants are – by name – professionals at recruiting. They are skilled in identifying attributes of protective candidates that would be an asset to your company, while efficiently weeding out those that are not appropriate for the role. As experienced recruiters, they can also provide advice on aspects that you may not have considered to be important for the role or offer alternative attributes that it may be worth seeking from your candidates.

In addition, when a company conducts their own recruitment they are usually relying on the right person for the job seeing the job advert at the right time. Recruitment agencies on the other hand will already have access to a selection of candidates that are suitable for the role and can contact them directly. This increases your chances of filling your vacancy with the best person for the position.

4 Time efficient

Conducting your own recruitment is not only expensive, but is also very time consuming. You may, for example, wish to leave your adverts open for a long period of time to increase your chances of obtaining a good quality candidate. Then, there is the time it takes to screen candidates and conduct interviews. The longer this process takes, the longer your company must cope without an employee fulfilling the roles of the vacancy which can put incredible strain on your team. Outsourcing your recruitment, however, cuts out all of these stages and can often mean a vacancy is filled in a matter of days other than a matter of weeks when the hire is conducted internally.

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