The Top 4 Benefits Of 360 Degree Performance Appraisal

It’s time to talk performance appraisal. Back in the good ol’ days the employee-employer relationship was very simple. You did your job well, you kept your job. If you didn’t, you were shown the door. Now due to organisational complexity there are many other factors coming to play.  One major aspect is the increasing diversity in organisations. There is now a need, greater than ever before to ensure employee appraisal is part of everyday life in your organisation. 360 degree performance appraisals are now the future and differs to other types of employee appraisal methods as it provides greater transparency ensuring a more accurate and wholesome evaluation of an individual’s true performance. This is due to its ability to provide multi-perspective feedback.



Four of the most important benefits include;

  • Improved understanding of the individual employees strengths and also weaknesses in key aspects of competency and behaviour
  • Sets a baseline against which future changes/improvements can be measured.
  • The identification of specific training, learning  and development opportunities in order to make effective improvements to the organisation as a whole and improving employee job satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Platform for positive employee engagement and encouraging feedback.

We cannot go without mentioning the customizability of this tool in comparison to other methods. One such example is Involve 360. An employer can completely customise the aspects they want to assess about the individual employee and also choose who can evaluate this employee such as allowing the employee themselves, other employees, department managers or customers to complete the performance evaluation. These varying perspectives will allow the manager to develop a wholesome picture of how the particular employee is really performing and better still how they see themselves.

Employee appraisal has moved a long way from just a chat with the employee. This 360 degree view ensures greater accuracy especially in relation to career development opportunities in terms of who is the best fit for promotion and therefore take on increased responsibility in the organisation. The bottom line is, this provides greater security throughout the hiring process through to career progression. It is now a necessity for organisations to have an effective performance review process in place. Just look at the infographic based on The 2014 Performance Management Survey, the proof is in the pudding!

Article Written by: Stephanie King