The Importance Of Social Media For Recruitment

The days where social media was considered a waste of time are long gone. Whether we would like to admit it to ourselves our not, it is the way forward in the recruitment world. The power and use of social media continues to evolve, Facebook now boasts over 1.59bn monthly active users, twitter with 305m, LinkedIn over 414m and Google + reaching over 540 million. If your reading this as a recruiter why miss out on this talent pool? Oh did I forget to mention its free?!

If you’re a job seeker reading this you should pay attention right about now. Social media is showing no signs of slowing and is in fact growing in importance for job seekers. In 2009, a mere 12% of HR managers in the US said they had searched for applicants via social media. In 2015 this figure has risen dramatically to 93% and 55% of these say they have considered a candidate primarily based on content found on their social media accounts.ingenio-global

On the flip side of the coin, I do need to draw your attention to the negative aspect. Recruiters are also warning people about the negative impact their social media accounts are having on their job prospects with many recruiters not considering a candidate based on inappropriate content found on their social media pages such as, speaking negatively about a previous employer or numerous pictures of their adventures on the town!

To portray just how big and powerful Facebook is alone, if Facebook was a country it would outrank China, India and would therefore be the most populated country in the entire world! Pretty impressive reach from both a recruiters and job seekers perspective. No matter what industry from technology to hospitality and right back to recruitment, as an employer, how well you do social can either strengthen or inhibit your organisations growth prospects. From a job seekers perspective, it may be the difference between securing your dream job or the roadblock against ever achieving this.

Can you afford to take this chance?

In order to show you just how reliant we all are on social media and technology, check out this 2-minute clip! Let the shock commence (Don’t say I didn’t warn you)

Written By: Stephanie King