Financial Services & Fintech under attack

Hacker typing on a laptop with binary code in background

Ingenio participated in a fascinating round table discussion hosted by Tech UK – the UK trade association for the technology industry last night. The theme was the impact of cyber crime on the financial services and fintech industries with insightful contributions made from the European Head of Information Security at Citibank, Sheridan Knowles, along with Sandeep Kumar who heads up Cybersecurity for CapGemini and Ben Lowater – a director of critical national infrastructure at GCHQ, amongst others.

It was interesting to see the ‘push and pull’ of opinions from senior individuals who come from three different perspectives: those that sell advice, those that buy advice and those that want to support the finance industry to flourish but with the principle aim of protecting national security and UK citizens. What’s clear to me is that even with some of the greatest minds on this topic brought together in one room, there is no clear answer and strategy as to how to best deal with this elusive threat of cyber crime which is becoming more sophisticated by the second. Sheridan Knowles publically commented that the Citi global network gets hit every 34 seconds by some form of attack on their IT and communications infrastructure.

With cyber crime becoming a bigger industry than the drugs trade, it is clear as to why the UK government has pledged £860 million between 2011-2015 to help protect the UK and its infrastructure from this burgeoning threat.

Ingenio is pleased to play a small part in helping to protect the UK’s biggest industry against criminal activity by sourcing the best cyber talent in leadership, know-how and consulting, incident response and business as usual support.