Experienced Contract Recruiter for Ingenio


Ingenio is a recruitment and consultancy business for the technology industry. We are searching for an experienced contract recruiter to join our new business.

A simple ask, right?


Not so.

The vast majority of people that will read this advert (with respect) won’t be able to take this challenge on. You’ll be the fourth person in our business (start-ups sound cool but most can’t take them) and you’ll be tasked with building a business within a business. From absolutely nothing.

Beyond that, you’ll be on the path to owning part of Ingenio. Again, it sounds fun to be a partner but most people don’t really believe that it’s actually possible.

It is.

Often the promise of equity remains just that: a promise. And one that despite how hard people work just never quite materialises.


If something in your intuition says that you are one of few that could actually hack this, then read on.

We need an experienced IT contract consultant with 3 to 5 years’ experience with the ability – and most importantly, the desire – to build a contract book from scratch. We are interested in consultants who have experience in a software development discipline such as Java, .NET or Python, or mobile applications such as iOS or Android. Cyber security folk are also interesting too.

So what will we give you?

You’ll join us in either our London or Dublin office and embark on a journey rather than just a career. We want you to become a leader, a director (if you’re in to job titles) and even a shareholder. We’d also like to see you make a lot of money along the way as you help to grow the Ingenio Empire.

Ingenio opened its doors for business on 1st January this year and has enjoyed an incredible first half year. As a result, we are committed to growing our recruitment business and are looking for an experienced contract consultant to exploit the opportunity in the most lucrative segments of the IT industry.

Ingenio’s founders – Rob Magee and James Smith – started the company with a determination to hire, recruit and work alongside exceptional people. They only want to hire people that are smarter than they are (strange, eh?) and have a vision for building a new practice within an existing business.


Most good salespeople don’t have a CV or are simply too busy to write one. If that’s the case, and you genuinely back yourself to take this challenge on, then we still want to hear from you.

Send us an e-mail and tell us briefly why you’re interested in this opportunity and a bit about your experience…and we’ll call you back (and a CV would be great too).