Essential Presentation Tips

(1)MinTextMaxImagery1 Minimal text, maximum imagery

There’s a reason that you are giving a presentation in person, rather than sending all of the attendees a word document detailing the contents of the presentation. The audience is there to listen to what you have to say. Although it’s tempting to overload your slides with large blocks of detailed text, even the best multi-taskers find it very difficult to listen at the same time as reading complex text. So, unless you’re planning on providing your audience with an awkward pause to read a block of text, provide details verbally and use your slides to provide interesting imagery that supports your point.




(2)KeepStyleSimple2 Keep your style simple and consistent

We’ve all attended one of those presentations that look as though the speaker has a dedicated graphic design team. Chances are, if you’re reading this list, that you don’t have a graphic design team. While aspiring to having a slick and well designed presentation isn’t a bad thing, it can easily become overcomplicated and overthought which leads to the design detracting from the point of the presentation. So, although showering your presentation slides with different typefaces, colours and animations may feel like you’re making your presentation look more interesting – it may be doing more to distract your audience from listening to you. What’s best, especially if you’re likely to be giving the same presentation again and again, is to pick a simple style and stick with it. Bells and whistles can be easily added verbally or with adding interesting images to your slide, and will save you a lot of time rather than messing around with adding animations.



(3)PracticeWithoutScript3 Practice without a script
It is tempting to follow a script when practicing, especially if you’re nervous about public speaking. But even for the most nervous of speakers, explaining your topic naturally is not only easier for the audience to listen to but also enables you to be more adaptable to your audience.