A Day in the Life…

Scott Westwood

My day’s starts early, as I have two children Camilla & Scarlett, I also have a dog who gets me up super early. I live in the Lancashire country side so my morning starts with a strong coffee followed by a walk in the local woods with the dog around 6.30am,

familyBreakfast time is busy in my house, with a 2 year old wanting the earth for breakfast and eating none of what’s put in front of her it can be quite challenging, I’m usually trying to conduct breakfast whiles doing last minute maths homework for my 8 year old which I tend to get wrong and end up being correctly by Scarlett.
My wife takes them to school around 8am so I take the long commute to the bottom of my garden to my office pod and begin my day.

Business wise, I start with a weekly call with my boss to discuss my day, week, month. Then a call to my solutions architect to discuss projects, If I’m attending site visits I could be out very early or out most of the day. Technology account management and sales is a crazy world with different strategies from different businesses and its always changing, so I need to stay focused and on top of many projects, this involves lots of meetings with vendors, clients, internal meetings and training.

When the week comes to a close I tend to use Friday to plan my week ahead and close off outstanding actions from the previous week to give me a fresh outlook and plan. This also help me relax at the weekend knowing most things are under control.

profile-templateI try to get the most out of every weekend with family days out, we are lucky to be only an hour away from Cumbria so we love taking day trips to Lake Windermere. We also visit Lytham a lot which is nice and close to Blackpool which the kids love. If we are staying close to home we tend to go for long walks in the woods close by and follow that up with a nice lunch at a local pub or a home cooked one from myself. I try as much as possible to throw some exercise in the mix as well. I play football on Sundays if I’m free. I have a home Gym in the garage so try to use that as often as possible.

I’m also a singer in my spare time, if I have a gig I tend to be out in the evening until early hours singing at weddings and corporate events and private parties. I sing all the Rat Pack classics so my weekend can’t be relaxing and busy at the same time. I don’t like to stand still too much, I guess that’s the sales person in me. We tend to always have the next big thing on our minds so keeping busy is important to me.

All in all I think I have a great work life balance,

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