A Day in the Life…

Greg Shaw

gregimageA day in the Life of an average working man.

My work morning starts when I wake up around 4:45am, the first thing I do is hit the shower and get ready for work. I live and hour and 20 minutes away from my job so this is a good time for me to hit the road, before they get to crowded. During the drive to the office I enjoy listening to the radio morning shows, I bounce between stations trying to get the best parts of each show.

After I get to the office it’s a foot race to get coffee before meetings and work gets to busy, if there are no meetings, I answer my emails, take phone calls, and work on important tacks. This keeps me busy up to lunch then it’s a much-needed brake, then it’s back to the day of more meetings, phone calls and just getting things done. I try and leave for the day by 3:00pm, but there are times that things keep me later than this.


My life at work is the complete opposite of my home life at home I spend time with my wife and three kids. The kids are all in one sport or another. My son is the oldest at 15 and plays football and Lacrosse. He is on two different teams lacrosse teams; one is his High School team and the other his travel team. This sport keeps him and I busy all year round. During his High School season, it’s practice 5 days a week until games start then it’s 3 days a week practice and 2 games a week. After the High School season ends it off to his travel season, with practice 3 days a week and tournaments every weekend. These tournaments could be local or in a different state. Both of my daughters are in cross-country, violin and piano. For them it’s cross-country practice every day after school until meets start then it’s practice 3 days a week and meets in-between.  Violin and piano lessons are sandwiched between cross-country. So between the three of them and everything else needed to be done around the house it is a hustle.

gregkidsMy wife and I have been married for 29 years now, we were in our twenties and met while both of us were in the Army and stationed in Hawaii. We lived in Hawaii for a year and a half until she was done with her tour of duty and then moved back to Illinois. Once back here it was od jobs until I went to college for computer repair, this was in 1988. I took a year course and graduated in 1989. I was hired in by a large law frim and they moved us to Denver Colorado. After being in Denver for 4 years the law frim that I worked for decided to close the Denver office and move me back to Chicago. So the wife and I moved back to the Chicago area and have been here ever since.

Right now I’m….

. Working in the Chicago office of Kraft

.. Looking out the window at the Chicago skyline

… Thinking of heading home

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