A Day in the Life…

Diane Nastri

Diane Nastri
I usually wake up around 6am and grab my cell on the nightstand to see if there is anything urgent from my colleagues in Europe.  Just started working for a great UK software & services company in April – super people and culture!  Lately, have been doing several quotes for Latin America and using my Spanish which is fun 🙂

Next up coffee or tea, pronto!  It’s summer so the kids are sleeping late.  Very excited about the new flat I bought in the center of town.  My son, Joe is off to Florida for college in a couple of weeks so no need for the big house.  He is taking the auto-train down with his best friend, Eddie and rooming together.  Can’t wait to go visit – especially in the winter to escape our Noreasters (snow storms)!  My daughter, Julie is in her third year of high school and in South Africa for a couple of weeks volunteering.  Says it’s lovely – very excited for her!  Just registered her for the volleyball team – can’t believe we’re doing back to school stuff already.  This summer is flying by!

My good friend Lorena, who is a wild and crazy Mexican, usually calls me on her way to work – early as she is a school teacher.  We trade stories on raising our 18 year old sons, some which would put me over the edge if I didn’t know there was someone else going through the same thing!  We lived in the same town outside Boston – Concord, which is lovely and very historic.  She is still there and I need to run up for a visit.  Our kids were in kindergarden and grade school together – we met on the soccer field 😉  I really want to go with her to Monterrey, MX where she grew up before coming to Boston for college.

Ah yes, my day…usually get hungry around 10 and make some toast or grab whatever looks good in the fridge.  Had a great weekend of pool lounging and grilling.  We (a couple of other friends and I) celebrated my friend, Mary’s 50th yesterday and made a gourmet meal of salmon, asparagus and corn on the cob – the “silver queen” is in season and I stopped and bought it from a farm stand on the side of the road on the way to Mary’s which is out in the sticks!  Soooo good!

So back to my morning, I am wearing a sun dress as it has been hot, hot, hot…in the 90’s but not as hot as the mid-west where the temps are over 100!  Really looking forward to a few weekends at the beach – so far have been to the Connecticut shore a couple of times which is on Long Island sound and Newport, Rhode Island which of course is the ocean.  Went sailing for the day last month and it was “blowin’ stink”!

At lunch I have been going for a quick swim and bring a salad from the market back to my desk.  I usually hear from friends around 5 or so to see who is up for drinks or dinner.  I am usually free since the kids are doing their own thing these days with the occasional check in for “I need gas” or “can I get x, y, or z for my birthday, back to school or whatever?”.  Yes, I am a human ATM machine but this has gotten better since they now have debit cards with a semblance of a budget that usually gets blown each week.  They both need part-time jobs asap!

Dinner in the center is nice because we have a bunch of good restaurants and on Thursday in the summer there is live music in back of the town library.  West Hartford really is a great town – so happy to have moved back here after several years of living abroad, in DC, Boston and Miami.  On Wednesday nights we usually meet in Elizabeth Park for a picnic and music – this week is salsa so I’m sure some dancing will be involved!

So much to fit in this summer – have a work trip coming up to Europe for a week when Julie gets back from her trip and then it’s already Labor Day when everyone takes off for the last blast of summer before getting serious again!  Actually Indian Summer (early Fall) is fabulous here – that’s when we get the best tomatoes and veggies.  Apple picking after that and getting psyched for Halloween and the holidays.day-in-the-life

The holidays have been bitter sweet now that my folks are gone – a year for my Mom and 2 for my Dad.  Was so awesome living next door to them with the kids for 10 wonderful years.  They are always with me but not the same – lucky to have my brothers and sister…we are very close, typical Italians I guess!

..reading – Vogue Italia in my lounge chair or any gossip rag I can lay my hands on

..listening to – whatever my kids have on in the car or what comes up on Sirius – not too much car lately since they’ve been driving.  Uber is my best friend!

..watching – “Cria Cuervos” again by Carlos Saura, last saw it in grad school!

..holidaying this year in – the Hamptons for a long weekend at my brother’s and Tampa to see Joe at school for Christmas or soon after

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