A Day in the Life…

Caterina Torricella

cimageMy life is never boring.

I never stop. Weekends or weekdays I always have to do something – you can rest when you are old.

My alarm starts at 5.51 am Mon – Friday why 5.51? I don’t know – I set it up some time ago by accident and I never changed it. As soon as the alarm goes off I stand up and think for 2 secs I should have stopped reading that book at 10.30 pm instead of midnight but I love reading. Most of the people here in London don’t have breakfast until they are in the office. I can’t. I need to have at least porridge ad fruit with a nice cup of black coffee. ( fortunately my metabolism is great an I can eat pretty much whatever I want  🙂

Before leaving my flat I always do some chores, like washing up, cat litter water my plants and I always make the bed! Every morning I open the windows and I spray my bed with a lot  of air wick. Then I prepare my 2 lunches and my healthy snacks. Fruit – vegan bars – soya yogurt or other boring heathy stuff that my colleagues would never eat. I have just started a Service delivery manager role in a telecommunications company in Southwark and I’m really enjoying it though there are so many things to remember. At the moment it’s just a matter of listening – learning and observing.

My journey to work is quite easy and I enjoy taking public transport though I know most of workers don’t like buses and trains. I love sunny mornings especially during summer and autumn. The colour of the trees the smell of wet grass and the early summer sun rise which makes days longer. My lunch is always very healthy and I always try to eat 5 – 6 times per day small portions and lots of fruit and veg but during the evening meat and fish is a MUST!

Once I finish work all my energies go into my daily gym workout and personal trainer session. It’s my favourite time of the day – where I can relax and do something for me – something good for me! During my gym session cardio and abs are always present. I alternate arms and legs or boxing circuits. Usually it last 1h/1.30 h and afterwards my body feel refreshed and full of energy! The only downside is that I only get to eat at 8.30 pm which is not the best practice. Every dinner must end with a slice of water melon during summer, a yogurt or a hot chocolate during winter.  I always read some pages of a book and speak with my mum over skype before falling asleep and this happens quite quicklyJ.

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