A Change of Career

After the better part of five years working as a physiotherapist I was seeking a change of career, a new challenge to sink my teeth into. Moving from Melbourne to Dublin in October 2015 was the perfect opportunity to change career. But which career would be a good fit?

Working as a Physiotherapist I gained many transferable skills; how to conduct a subjective interview, how to read people, and most important of all, how to be a good detective. With these skills in mind I was looking for something stimulating, challenging and a role that was people orientated. I was unsure exactly what this career was.

A few weeks later, as luck would have it, I learned through a friend of an opportunity at a specialist Communications Technology recruitment company Ingenio Global. Having had a few encounters with Recruiters in the Healthcare field I thought a Recruitment Consultant sounded like a career that might be a good fit.

I survived the initial screening of my CV and was granted an informal interview with Ingenio founder Rob Magee and Recruitment Consultant Kevin Haines. As soon as I walked into the café in Dublin’s trendy Fitzwilliam Square, I knew these guys meant business. As I had spent all day interviewing people in the past, it was evident these guys were good. No stone was left unturned in the one-hour interview and by the end of the hour, I was hooked. I had come across a company obsessed with people and committed to becoming an industry leader. This was a company I wanted to be a part of.


Surviving the gruelling three stage interview process, I started working as a researcher, the first step on my path to becoming a recruitment consultant. The job involves searching for potential candidates to fill roles provided by clients using a variety of means, then screening the candidates to look for a fit between the prospective company and the person.  For the first time in years I was staring down the barrel of a very steep learning curve. Communications technology was an industry I had not had a lot to do with, luckily Rob Magee had worked in the industry for fifteen years so was the perfect man to learn from.   Within a few weeks I had absorbed a huge amount of information, and was actively sourcing potential candidates and making my first placements. I had taken my first step on a new career path.

More than two months into the role I am enjoying the challenge and variety that each day brings. No two days are the same and the learning is constant. Intercompany competition is healthy and I am part of a great team. Over the next few months I will progress from researcher to Recruitment Consultant, which will bring a new set of challenges and responsibilities.

While the move from physiotherapy to recruitment was tough, I’m glad I have made the change and am now on a rewarding new career path.